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How would you like to have a summer that you’ll never forget? What if this summer you could change your life and the lives of countless others forever and have an awesome time doing it? With in-your-face, real-life biblical illustrations, SST gives answers to those things that confront you, your friends, and your generation today. In just a week SST will kindle the flame you already have, and then send you off on outreach to spread the fire.

SST Phase I

See what God will do with your passion during an intense week on outreach. Street dramas, evangelism, sports, music, child evangelism, and friendships will create a dynamic setting for God to work in your life and the lives you touch. At the end of outreach, you’ll also get a fun day off at the beach.

SST Phase II

For the second year students who want more, this program digs deeper and goes further to equip you to win your friends, family, and fellow students to Christ. Phase II is a must for chronic God-chasers who will stop at nothing to live and learn what God has and desires for them. In Phase II you will experience cross-cultural ministry in the ethnically diverse city of Chicago. Click here to see the Phase II trailer.


Phase 3

When looking at a world map have you ever wondered what it would take to transform a nation? Have you ever wondered if God could use you to do it?  If you have asked these questions and desire to face new challenges, come! Digging deeper than ever before, students will gain a broader view of what it takes to disciple a nation and pioneer new works: to go and do what no one has before. Your Phase Three adventure will begin at the YWAM Tyler campus where you will meet your staff and spend a few days training in the classroom. From our campus we will depart for Nicaragua, where we will spend a week, and finish our time in Washington D.C. and West Virginia. At these locations you will work alongside veteran YWAM missionaries, and gain a first hand experience of what it means to labor and persevere to see a nation transformed.


The total cost for Phase Three is $2500. This price covers housing, food, airfare, and transportation.

Don't settle for an average summer!

2015 Dates and Costs
SST A June 14 - June 28 $895
SST B July 5 - July 19 $895
SST C July 12 - July 26 $895
Phase II** July 12 - July 26 $895
Phase III July 5 - July 26 $2500

Prices and dates subject to change and include training, meals, transportation, and lodging. Prices do not include $50 registration fee. SST fees are considered tuition and are not tax-deductable. Apply for passport immediately after sending application. Passport applications are available here or at your local post office. For teenagers, ages 13-18.

** Students planning to attend Phase II must have previously completed a Phase I program.

Come for free!

Youth pastors/leaders come for free to SST when you bring a group of five or more.

Also SAVE $25 off each student's tuition with groups of five or more.

Click here for an application. If you have questions or want more info e-mail us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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